Customized Lifted Ram 3500

$15,000 Off Remaining 2017 Rig Ready Rams

By May 17, 2017 2 Comments

Click here to see the last 2017 Rig Ready Rams we have in stock with the $15,000 Discount.

The video below is worth a look. Believe us, you wont forget Rig Ready Pam – This is one you’ll want to share…





  • perry says:

    How much $$$.

    • Hi Perry! This is Rig Ready Pam here. Sorry that it has been a while since anyone answered you here. We had some glitches to work through.

      Travis is unfortunately no longer with us. He has moved on to other things. Are you still in the market for a truck? I know it has been a while. If you are still considering a Rig Ready Ram, give me a call or a text 780-566-1514. Or an email


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