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Hey everyone, Travis here at Redwater Dodge coming to you live on behalf of Rig Ready Rams. Today we’re looking at a 2017 Ram 3500 Mega-Cab Sport. Beautiful, white in colour.

You got your black grille inserts, painted to match front and rear bumpers with the fog lamps and the parking sensors. Were looking at a BDS Fox dual steering stabilizer for this truck.  It is lifted 6 inches with our BDS lift. Fox 2.0 shocks. We’ve got some 20-inch, deep-dish, fuel rims. Wrapped in a  TOYO mud terrain, open country, 37×20 tire. A beautiful truck; body moulded pocket style, Bushwacker fender flares. This is the MegaCab.

The ultimate in Rig Ready Rams,  if you ask me. Powered by the 6.7L Cummins.  We’ve got the keyless entry, as well as a remote start.  It does have Proximity Entry as well you’ll notice the button.  Push the button to lock, use the sensor to open. As long as you have the fob on you. Fully outfitted with the Laramie interior. Which means we have the power pedals, full-leather interior, power seats, heated wheel, 8.4-inch touchscreen fully-equipped with navigation.

We’ve also got heated seats, as well as ventilated seats. Fully-equipped with a sunroof as well for this MegaCab. 7-inch vehicle display centre. Taking a look in the back; plenty of room seeing as it is a MegaCab. It comes fully-equipped with a rubber floor mat. Seeing as it is a Laramie the rear seats are heated as well.

2017-ram-3500-rig-reary-ramFinance This Vehicle

Just touching on those rubber floor mats once again last thing you want dirty carpet in the back your truck.  These seats do fold down. I’ve heard you can fit up to a double bed in these MegaCabs.  Plenty of storage space, perfect for hauling around all that work gear, or if you’re just one of those people with the family growing kids; you want the space in the back for sure. We’ve got the heavy-duty kickback mud flaps on this one. As I mentioned front and rear painted to match bumpers, backup camera tucked in there, 7- and 4-pin wiring and Class 5 receiver.

We’ve got your spray-in bed liner we’ve also got to the LEDs in the rear. If you end up loading anything up your toys, your quads, your ATVs and strapping it down at nighttime. Just another look at this beautiful truck. This is our 2017  Ram 3500 MegaCab Laramie Sport.  For more information guys visit RigReadyRams.com or our website for all of our new and used inventory; RedwaterRam.com.

Feel free to take advantage of the live chat feature. The live chat feature will put you in direct contact with one of the Sales Associates here. Give us a call down at the store 780-942-3629 or feel free to email us at sales@redwaterdodge.com.

For all things Rig Ready Rams guys; Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Thanks for watching.

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3 responses to “2017 Ram 3500 | MegaCab Sport | Rig Ready Ram | Edmonton, AB”

  1. Leo Avatar

    Have you guys at red water dodge ever dealt with selling a truck to a customer in the United States?

    1. Travis Christensen Avatar
      Travis Christensen


      All i can say is that I personally haven’t.

      But we have gone from coast to coast nationally.

      If there is a way, we will do it!

      -Travis Christensen (The Rig Ready Ram Guy)

  2. Gerard Avatar

    I want to know what the actual cash price is
    on this truck. No haggling just your absolute best price. I currently drive a 2014 ram 3500 with the 6.4 it’s been a decent truck.

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