About Rig Ready Rams

What the Hell is a Rig Ready Ram Anyway?

A Rig Ready Ram is a Ram truck modified (customized) for those who work in the oil business, although many of our Rig Ready Ram customers are Ram enthusiasts who don’t work in the patch.

We’ll build for anyone looking for the most bad-ass and powerful Ram truck possible!

Watch this walk through of a fully-loaded Rig Ready 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab with Travis below for more details on what a Rig Ready Ram truly is!

We are currently located at Redwater Dodge, Our Rig Ready Ram team are… very enthusiastic about Ram Trucks as you will see. You likely won’t  find a more passionate or dedicated team  to help you select your next Ram.

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Why Rams?

So why “Rig Ready Rams”  and not just  “Rig Ready Trucks?”

We feel strongly that Ram is the best truck lineup on the market today.

Ford and Chevy simply don’t cut it. (They’re not ‘Rig Worthy!’)

Guts Glory Ram

What Makes Them ‘Rig Ready?’

What makes a Ram transform into an authentic Rig Ready Ram? Watch the videos on our homepage for even more details and fantastic in-depth walk arounds, but in general, here’s what we add to our Rig Ready Ram trucks:

  • BDS Suspension and Lift Kits
  • Massive Tires
  • Custom Rims
  • Functional and Decorative Accents like Chrome Lugs, Running Boards, and Branded Mud Flaps

Rims Wheels and Lifts Oh My!

We use the finest in both Mopar and after-market products at Rig Ready Rams and we’re able to customize your ride in as a couple days. (Assuming we don’t have one already built that meets your needs).  Pressure Trucks, Service Trucks, Pickers, and Welding Trucks of course take longer. We keep a large stock of Rams, many of which are already Rig Ready at all times using the most popular Ram models and trim levels. Occasionally there’s a short waiting list for custom builds, but you don’t have to drive to the Big City for the best selection of Lifted Rams. We’re located right here in Redwater.

Lifted Rig Ready Ram

Watch another walk-around of this ‘Black Stallion’ Rig Ready 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Mega Cab Heavy Duty with Cummins Diesel Engine with Travis below!

I Want a Rig Ready Ram!

Visit us at Redwater Dodge 4716 48th Avenue Redwater, Alberta T0A 2W0.

Call Us: 1 (780) 942-3629

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We finance all Rig Ready Rams O.A.C. Check out Rig Ready Credit for updates on our special financing for Redwater Ram drivers!


Your Rig Ready Ram Team!

Left to Right: Travis Christensen, David J Tingley, Ryan Bryski