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Rig Ready Ram 5500 Chassis and Cab In Production

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This Rig Ready Ram 5500 cab and chassis is being custom built for a Redwater Dodge Rig Ready Ram order by Truck Evolution based in Edmonton. It’s a private sale for a company being built specifically to be used on the pipelines to test pressure systems and haul liquids, with two separate areas built to hold 2000L each!

Rig Ready Ram 5500 Profile

Custom Additions/Modifications Include:

  • Tank Capacity- 4000L tank, 2 separate compartments each able to hold

  • Pump Pressure Rating- 80L/min and 5000psi.

  • 30 lb fire extinguisher deck mounted

  • Custom fabricated Stainless HYD tank with in tank return filter

  • Air compressor/tank for sumps and splitter shifting

  • Manual static ground reel with 100 ft cable

  • Radio remote control for hose reel operation

  • Steel blasted and painted with Endura

  • NAT 4 Cube Stainless Steel 2 comp, TC 406 Tank comes with rear TC spec bumper, valves, 2″ T&E pump, sumps and venting

Rig Ready Ram 5500 Chassis

More on this amazing powerful truck to come!

Justin Schwarz

Rig Ready Rams at Redwater Dodge



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