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What’s up Internet? Travis here coming to you live on behalf of Rig Ready Rams. North America’s Premium Brand in Lifted Trucks. I have a loaded Sport. I’ve also got loaded baked potato soup twofer. One of our most recent trade-ins is a 2012 Ram 1500 Sport.

You’re gonna notice is has one of the older body styles, because the grille and the front end was a little bit different than today’s. We’ve got the upgraded aftermarket halo light bulbs there still Lexan coated, still beautiful, little bit of a tint to them so they look really nice.

The older sports have these billet style grilles. which I think are super fancy. We’ve got a couple of paint chips here in the front guy’s not gonna hide it from you; make you drive a hundred plus kilometers maybe you’re only down the street whatever the case may. Act like it’s mint and then when you show up you’re like “Why is there paint chips”. We do have a 6″ lift on this one. You’ve got to molded pocket style Bushwacker fender flares. Beautiful 55-inch tire there. Nice rim. I like to rim a little bit deeper on the tire, there’s a little bit of a lip there. Just been finished going through our shop.

Obviously it’s got the 5.7 liter HEMI pumping out the horsepower. We’ve got cab length running boards there. Fully-equipped with the trailer tow mirrors. They’re still clean on the back of the mirrors. I can respect that. We’re going to take a look on the inside here. You guys are going to get in on this side, I’m going on the other side, it’s going to be saucy or soupy.

Ok, so we’ve got our beautiful Sport cloth that means you got the leather trim it’s got the fabric up the center which is really nice especially in the wintertime. We’ve got to a little bit of a tear in the seat right there; I always want you guys to know that. But nothing makes up for throwing it all the way back to the day of the console shifter. We’ve got a console shift here UConnect hands-free system so you got the hands-free Bluetooth fully equipped with your Sirius Satellite radio. We’ve also got a ship with a tuner here it’s all done through a bully dog that’s nice not even 89,000 kilometers guys, plenty of life left in the truck. Leather-wrapped dash,  leather wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, air conditioning all things that are good. You have your power outlets there take a look in the back. It’s a full sized Crew Cab so if you’re ever looking to get away from the kids, hide in the garage, have some soup you could. Cup holders in the center if you’re not using all three seats.  Cup holders on the bottom if you are using all three seats you still want to hold your cups. We’ve got carpet in the rear as well as carpet floor mats in the front. I’m gonna hop out quick, we’re gonna whip these up. We’ve got a little bit storage space on each side they do lockout you do have to unlock them always nice to have storage space.

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Another rarity that you barely see anymore in the used truck market is the Ram Boxes. Ram Boxes came in with a bang  and they left just as quick as they got here. We got one! Ram Boxes are nice. They always give you some more added storage. For the tradesmen out there it makes a lot of sense to have. You can keep your boots in here and not have to worry about them getting all messed up. Or mucking up the interior of your vehicle. You can keep some tools in here along those lines. You can also utilize the space in the box, take advantage of the space in the box. We’ve got 4- and 7-pin wiring. We’ve also got a Class 5 receiver hitch there so I mean realistically you could always pull any bumper pull trailer. Another little blemishes for you guys. We are a full disclosure store. We are THE Home of the Rig Ready Ram.  All of our used vehicles are taking care of tediously. I say tediously because the process that we do to take in the vehicle to appraise vehicles, to recondition vehicles, is insane.

I’ve been at a couple of other stores previous to this. I would never leave or go anywhere else ever again because Redwater Dodge is amazing where the Home of the Rig Ready Ram but aside from that guy’s all of our vehicle recondition to be a plus plus plus plus plus plus. You got a couple of blemishes and paint peeling that does nothing to the vehicle. It doesn’t hurt it or anything along those lines.

For more information please visit our website RedwaterRam.com. Take advantage of the live chat feature because I can chat with you online whilst eating soup, talking on the phone, and watching YouTube videos at the same time. It puts you in contact with the person such as myself or Britney or Barry or whoever is on the live chat at the time. If you want to get a hold of me personally; email travis@redwaterdodge.com check out my Instagram @RigReadyTrav If you don’t want to deal with me email sales@redwaterdodge.com the best number to reach us at 780-942-3629. Once again Travis at Redwater Dodge. Rig Ready Rams premium brand in North America for lifted trucks. Home of the $10 Oil Change. It does not get any better than that. Thank you for watching. 

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