2015 RAM 1500 | Sport | Rig Ready Ram | Redwater, AB

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What’s up Internet? Travis here at Redwater Dodge, Home of the premium brand in lifted trucks, Rig Ready Rams. Speaking of Rig Ready Rams, we have one of our original builds here, parked behind me. We’re looking at a 2015 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Sport.

We’ve got a couple of nice add-ons here. We’ve got HID headlights installed, Lexan coated. We’ve got a big and bright Longhorn or limited as grill there. It looks really sharp with the Granite Crystal, fully-equipped with the Sport hood, colour match front and rear bumpers. We’ve got parking sensors in the front as well as the fog lamps. Come around to the side here. We’ve got a 35 inch Mickey Thompson BAHA tire with a 20 inch XD rockstar rim, 6 inch BDS lift. All of this work was done at the home of the Rig Ready Ram, Redwater Dodge. We’ve got your painted to match pocket style Bushwacker fender flares. We’ve got heavy duty rubber mud flaps on there, the Redwater Dodge ones with the pump jack looking super good. We’ve got towing mirrors. We’ve been cleaning the backs of the mirrors for the whole purpose of flipping them up and showing you the back of the mirrors.

Ram 1500, you’ll notice that the HEMI 5.7L decal was taken off. Fully-equipped with the proximity entry, so as long as you got the faub on my person, any hand, any pocket, anywhere. I can lock and unlock the vehicle by using the button in the sensor on the interior. Now just because I use the proximity entry to lock it, it doesn’t mean that have to use the sensor to open it, I could always use the key faub, but that’s not as cool as the Jedi styles.

Take a look on the inside; we’ve got the power driver seat 7-inch vehicle display center, not even 24,000K. So we’re going to look at our interior here. We’ve got the full leather interior which usually would hint at having the heated seats as well as the cooled seats, and by hinting that I mean, it has heated and cooled seats.

It’s also got the heated steering wheel, 7 inch vehicle display center up there, not even 23,000km, 8.4 inch touch screen, nav ready, fully-equipped with Sirius satellite radio, 8 speed torqflight transmission, 4 drive train options, everything from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel low, integrated trailer brake, we’ve got all your analogue buttons down here as well. Taking a look at the center console, this is what I call the media console, so you got space for your SD card, 2 spaces for your USB port. We’ve also got an auxiliary port in there as well. Taking a look at the shallow console, just a little bit of added storage space up there.


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We’ve got rubber floor mats throughout, in the front as well as in the rear. Both seats are powered so what we’re looking at now is just the rear space. The seats are flipped up. The nice thing about these trucks is that they create a completely flat surface, so if you’re hauling groceries around, Christmas just passed, that’s a good example, so putting all your presents in and out and stuff like that. So if you got dogs and you don’t want them to be scratching up the leather, lay that out. If you got toddlers, who like to swing and kick their feet, something to occupy their feet, so they’re not playing around and kicking you. Flipping that part up here guys, so you got some storage space on either side of the under side of the back seats.

We’ve got your backup camera here, dual exhaust, parking sensors in the rear as well, class five receiver, 7- and 4-pin wiring. We’ve got your soft tuxedo truck support tonneau cover. Spray-in bedliner here as well guys. I’ll like to go around to the front again real quick just so you guys can get a look at these HID lights. Big and bright HIDs for all of the vision things. I got the AMVIC inspection here. It was literally just completed on December 21st. Everything is marked off as compliant. We’ll take a look at the CarProof here too. No damage records, no lien records. Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recall information.

It’s a pin, guys. This is one of our original builds. I keep saying it, you keep hearing it, we are the premium brand for lifted trucks in North America, only using top quality products, all of the time, never cutting any corners. If you guys want to get into a truck like this, feel free to give us a shout on our website, use the live chat feature, it puts you directly in contact with one of the salespeople here.

Feel free to email me privately. I am the Rig Ready Ram guy, so if you want to deal with me, that will be great. That’s travis@redwaterdodge.com. If you’re watching this on any form of social media, comment below, send us a private message, ask to speak to me if you want to deal with me. If you’re watching this on YouTube or anything like that, share it with your friends and family, like the video, subscribe to the channel, all those good things. If you don’t want to deal with me for some reason, feel free to email anyone else at sales@redwaterdodge.com. Again the number down here is 780-942-3629. Travis is leaving the video, not like the world or anything. Redwater Dodge, home of the Rig Ready Ram, premium brand in lifted trucks. Also the home of the $10 Oil Change.

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