2014 RAM 3500 | Fully Reconditioned Rig Ready Ram | Redwater, AB

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What’s up, Internet? Travis here AKA Facebook’s favourite salesperson at Redwater Dodge, home of the $10 Oil Change and the Rig Ready Ram. We’re going to go over one of the recently released, recently re-conditioned, used Rig Ready Ram.

The 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie. Obviously, you can tell that it’s a Laramie based on the fact that it’s got the chrome clad bumper and front grille. A little bit different grille inserts as opposed to an SLT and SXT model which would also have the chrome. A couple of things I want to touch on before I get right into the video. We spent a lot of man-hours reconditioning this truck, so it was damn near, brand-new.

We replaced all the shocks; upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks. We’re also installing a dual steering stabilizers in the front. Brand new rubber. We removed and repainted the rear fender flares. We also added on the heavy-duty kickback mudflaps as well. We got a cut and polish as well. So, that’s going to be any scratches or anything along those lines; it’s going to look literally brand new.

Let’s get right into the features obviously. Six-inch BDS lift, upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks. Brand-new open country 37. So that’s a Toyo MT again. We’re looking at a 20-inch hostile rim painted to match bushwhacker pocket style fender flares. Beautiful maximum steel colour. You don’t  see too many of these around anymore, especially in the 3500. Definitely not with the lift and accessories like this. Ram 3500 heavy duty powered by the 6.7 liter Cummins. Nine trillion horsepower. We’ve got your chrome clad mirrors here; they are heated they do fold up obviously for towing. We’ve got the keyless entry on this one as well as a remote start. Lock/unlock push of a button. Nice little LEDs there underneath the mirror.

Taking a look on the inside, we don’t even have 73,000  kilometers. We have 72,096 K. We’ve gotta power seat here. Up, down, back, forth, side to side. We got some lean there. We’ve got the lumbar support down here at the bottom. Two memory settings for you and your wife, you and the dog, whatever the case may be. Leather-wrapped heated steering wheel, upgraded Alpine Audio system, wood grain in the doors and along everywhere. In the center console there where the 8.4 touchscreen is. Hands-free Bluetooth, auto headlights. I’m gonna crawl around to the other side.

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We’re going to look at some more inside features. It’s gonna be great. Okay, now we’re inside. You can see that it’s got 8.4 inch touchscreen, NAV ready, Sirius satellite radio. The seats are heated. They are also cooled. You’ll notice a little perforation in there. Heated wheel. I’ve already mentioned. Check brake, Tow haul mode. You can turn your parking sensors off; if you don’t like the beeping noise, integrated trailer brake, Column shifter for those who usually don’t like the twisty dial.  Two consoles; we’ve got your shallow console here. That’s going to house a couple of options for your audio. So, your USB to connect to the 8.4 auxiliary cord as well as a USB port just for charging. Taking a look in the deep console, we’ve got a CD player here. Some nostalgia for you people out there who wear beanies and plaid and still listen to CDs. Nostalgia. Classic. Gangster.

Let’s hope around to the back. It is the full-size crew cab and seeing that it is the Laramie, we do have heated seats in the rear. So, heated, heated. No one sitting in the back complaining it’s too cold. Flip this up. Boom. If you are hauling anything, packing up gifts, packing up pets, bodies, whatever the case maybe, you’re not going to have to able to the tarp getting all messed up cos’ it’s a completely flat surface, aside from the cupholders there. Under mine, I actually have a alpine subwoofer there.

Under your side you’ll notice there’s a little bit of storage space there. Nothing too intense, you could fit a couple of tools. Maybe a case for a novelty license plate. Under the seats actually illuminated by this light here on either side.

Come around to the back here. Laramie badging, we’ve got the smoked out rear taillights. Parking sensors in the rear as I mentioned previously. Chrome clad rear bumper, 7 and 4 pin wiring. You also will get a full-size spare tire with this one. So obviously, if you blow one of the 37s that are on there, you’re not going to be worried about getting around. Back up camera tucked safely away. There’s your full-size spare tire there as I mentioned. Box liner. If you have some kind of an equaliser, some kind of way to adapt to a bumper pull trailer, you have the 7- and 4- pin wiring there so you can pull it. For more information, visit www.redwaterram.com. Take advantage of our live chat feature that will put you directly in contact with the salesperson.Feel free to email me travis@redwaterdodge.com If you feel like dealing with somebody else, email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Number down here again It’s 780-942-3629. There will be a Carproof and things like that nature available on the website for you to look at as well. Thanks for watching guys. We’ll be in touch as soon as this truck is completed and there are more Rig Ready Rams to go over.

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