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View Photos and Pricing ButtonFinance This VehicleWhat’s up, Internet? It’s Facebook’s favourite sales person. Travis at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 oil change and Rig Ready Ram.

Parked behind me is the latest and greatest in the Rig Ready Rams. We are looking at a 2017 Ram 3500 6.7 litre Cummins White Sport. Well, technically it’s a Laramie with a Sport Package, but it’s the bright white colour.

The first thing you’re going to notice is that it has got the beautiful black grille inserts. Black Rams logo and your four cross members in the grille area are going to be white. Your bumpers, front and rear are both going to be painted to match. Dwayne ‘the Rock Solid’ Johnson front bumper. Parking sensors in the front as well as heavy duty tow hooks. You’ve also got the fog lens in the front. Parking sensors, I’ve probably already said that but I got a thing for parking sensors. Lexan coated projector style lenses. Bruce Lee couldn’t even crack those headlights, bro.

Come around to the side, take a look at some of the aftermarket accessories we’ve installed on the truck. You’re looking at a 6 inch BDS lift. Fully equipped with the upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks. That’s on all four corners. What you’re looking at now is also the dual steering stabilizers in the front. We put those all of our 3500 series trucks, 2500 series trucks as well. Those are also the Fox 2.0 shocks. 37 inch Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tire, brand new. You’re also looking at a 20-inch fuel rim.

All our Rig Ready Rams do come fully equipped with a full-size spare tire. So, worry not. If one of your tires blows, you have another one and you can keep trucking. We’ve also got our body moulded pocket style Bushwacker Fender flares painted to match. Heavy duty kick back mud flaps. You’re not going to be worrying about kicking any rocks or anything along those lines that peel behind you out of your undercarriage or your rocker panel, all the things of that nature.

Moosh powered ghost trailer towing, YOLO. Ready to rock and roll at any given time. See how hard those are. Wow, I had to put some serious effort into that.

Keyless entry, remote start as well proximity entry. Proximity entry. Lock and then unlock. Let me unlock now. It’s all a sensor thing. One to unlock.

Take a look on the inside. We’ve got power driver seat, power pedals, leather wrap steering wheel, upgraded Alpine stereo. We’ve got power folding mirrors on the outside here, the push of a button. Beautiful Laramie wood grain.

I’m going to crawl onto the other side and, we’ll go over a few of these options. Let’s go champ.

Seats are heated, seats are cooled. The steering wheel is heated as well. Upgraded 8.4-inch touch screen, fully equipped with your Sirius satellite radio, navigation and that’s the screen your backup camera will display. We also do have the sunroof. A couple of cool features that they have in this year’s model, the integrated trailer brake, push button start. One thing that I would like to touch on is the LED lights in the doors. Take a look at the driver door. You’re going to notice there are the LED lights down there, focusing towards your drinks and stuff like that. There is no more going to Wendy’s drive-thru being like, “I gotta put my drinks somewhere where!” Fumbling around and then spilling them and then being like, “Oh, man. I’ve got to clean this out. That’s not champ.” Because it isn’t, champ. And, it is messed up, and you shouldn’t be messing around in the truck like this.

Taking a look in the El Backo Seato!

When you fold your seats up, there’s a little bit of light here that goes off. It’s dark. Can’t see stuff. You also got the one back there on the top of your cab, and you’re like “Man, I want to be able to see things.” Especially considering there’s 15 feet off the ground and it’s good to see. Fully equipped with the Rubber Floor Mats. Rear seats are heated. Got the nice little fold out flaps here. For any and all pets or human beings, you want to take a nap back here. The only open place is the cup holder. We ain’t’ worried about no cup holders over here. Upgraded Alpine Stereo comes with an Alpine woofer. Boom. For the bass fishing.

Let’s take a peek at the back.

As I mentioned those Fox shocks are on all four corners. There’s one there, and there’s one there. There’s one on that side, in the front. Seven and four pin wiring, Class 5 receiver. If you have an eagle eye, you can pull any bumper pull trailer. The Cummins boasts best in class towing. Best in class everything. It’s a Cummins. Everybody knows that it’s the best diesel motor and if you don’t know that, you don’t read enough, especially on the interweb.

Backup camera, blacked out Ram logo, solid rear bumper fully equipped with parking sensors, a spray in bedliner as well. The accompaniment of these beautiful LEDs for one-year stowing, towing, rummaging, cargo spacing in the rear of the truck when it’s dark outside, it’s going to be Christmas time soon. Guys are probably just finishing up Christmas shopping and loading your stuff up in the back, and you want to be able to see what you’re doing. If you’re strapping in any quads, bikes or anything along those lines, you want to be able to see what your straps are going to go. Power rear sliding window, and this takes me to my next point.

Yes, the Cummins diesel oil change at Redwater Dodge is $10. Is that the right way for you? $10. I had to ask my cameraman. What a guy! Thanks a lot, bud. Anyway guys. Home of the $10 oil change. Home of the Rig Ready Ram. We only use the best accessories on all of our lifts. I mean we’re branded all over the place for being the home to lifted trucks. The last place you want to shop for Rig Ready Ram is anywhere else except Redwater, Alberta.

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I’m telling you; the economy is coming back. If you aren’t working now, you’re going to be working soon, and when you are, Rig Ready Ram.