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Good Afternoon Internet, El Chapo here AKA Pablo AKA Rig Ready God AKA Dad sweater AKA Mr. Rogers AKA Travis at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 Oil Change and Rig Ready Ram. Speaking of Rig Ready Rams we just took this beautiful 2015 Ram 1500 Sport Rig Ready on trade. 

Obviously, it’s a bright white colour being a 2015 it’s got a couple of wicked awesome features such as the active air around real shutters in the front the projector style lenses Lexan coated not going to chip crack or break as easy as the standard coated headlight would. Fully-equipped with the fog lamps you got a six inch left on this one about the AMP terrain gripper 37-inch tires 35 maybe 35 I lie all the time. That is a 20-inch fuel rim as well. It is a one-piece rim you’re not going to worry about part slipping off flying off things of that nature.

We’ve got our color-matched mirrors here it does have the proximity entry. So as long as I got the key fob on me, I can lock and unlock the vehicle literally just by using the sensors. Take a peek in there, and I’m gonna go around the other side.

What’s up, its Rig Ready T and we’re inside of his 2015 Ram Sport. This thing comes fully-equipped with heated seats as well as the heated wheel which is miint in the wintertime because it’s freezing cold outside. For the summer time, we’ve got those air-conditioned seats. We’ve also got two-wheel, four-wheel auto, four-wheel lock, four-wheel low, eight-speed TorqueFlite Transmission, upgraded Alpine stereo. 58,000 Kilometers, this thing, is practically brand-new. Leather wrap steering wheel beautiful thing about this Sport and a lot of sports like it with an eight-speed TorqueFlite transmission is the Gear up, gear down button. So if I’m pulling a load behind me and I’m going uphill, and want to keep my rpm’s nice and high for all the pulling power and none of the slowing down power I have the ability to drop a gear and just burn.


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Fully equipped with a sunroof, you got two consoles here. We got a shallow console that’s going to house all the fun stuff like your USB auxiliary cord, and your SD card. Then we got the deep console that’s where you hide all your stuff, mostly snacks. Hello again, it’s a full-size Crew Cab, so you have all the room in the world back here. We’ve also got these awesome rubber floor mats the last thing you want to do in this Berta weather is to be tracking water and mud and snow and all kinds of gunk in your carpet.

We’re gonna go over some paperwork the reason I got my cameraman outside and I’m sitting inside like a girl is because he’s got a coat on and well I’m a girl, and I’m cold. I forgot my white Gucci mink at home today, so I’m just rockin’ the Dad Sweater. So this is a beautiful truck. No damage records, Alberta Registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recall information available. Guys, I’m telling you these Rig Ready Rams are going back in style or whatever the heck was going to say.  They’re going like hotcakes people are going back to work, the economy is coming back if you’re not back at work you will be soon. That is almost a guarantee, people are making money again, people are spending money again I promise you this Rig Ready Ram is not gonna last long.

For the ultimate in Rig Ready Ram experiences you are definitely going to want to call me Travis; the Rig Ready God, AKA El Chapo AKA Mr. Rogers, Dad Sweater at 780-942-3629. You can also email my email is travis@redwaterdodge.com. I will respond to any and all of the aforementioned nicknames. I’m going off right now because people want to buy Rig Ready Rams off me.

Thanks for watching guys visit www.redwaterram.com.  Use the live chat feature www.rigreadyram.com; the same story.  I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to going for a test drive in this beautiful 2015 Rig Ready Ram Sport.

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