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What’s up Internet? It’s Facebook’s favourite sales person, Travis at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 oil change and Rig Ready Ram.

Parked behind me today is the most recent piece of used Rig Ready Ram inventory. In the heavyweight division, in the red corner, it’s big. It’s black. It’s a 2014 Ram 3500 series, 6.7 litre Cummins. This is totally ‘Murdered’ out. This is probably my favourite truck that we have on the lot right now.

Full black appearance package. So, you got your black colour match front and rear bumpers, and the grille is all black, everything, there’s not an ounce of chrome on anything, anywhere on the front of this truck.

Heavy duty tow hooks. Projector style lenses, lexan coated, you’re not going to drop an elbow and break those. Not even John Claud Van Dam could break those lights, bro.

Coming around to the side, we got a 37 inch Cooper Discoverer there. That is some heavy duty rubber. We’ve also got some brand new fuels on there. You’re looking at a 6 inch BDS lift fully equipped with a Fox 2.0 shock there. Pocket style Bushwacker, body moulded, painted to match fender flares. Keeping it all the way gangster. Heavy duty kick back mud flaps. We’ve got your cab length black running boards. This thing is completely black. Look at the only piece of chrome.

Murder. This truck is called ‘Murder’. Like M-e-r-d-e-r-r-r-r. Boom.

Ghost trailer, moose powered.

Heavy duty tow mirrors, they’re also heated as well.

We do have your proximity entry so, what that means is that as long as you have the fob on you. See, fob on me. I have it. I pushed the button. It will lock. Now, I can also use a keyless entry to get in or out. But, a cool thing I like to use is the sensor. So, once you put your hand in there, it senses it. Boomshalock. Ready to rock and roll.

We also do have the remote start as well. I want to take some time to point that out. We’ve got a power driver seat, two memory settings. We’ve also got:

  • Power pedals
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Auto headlights
  • 7 inch vehicle display centre

Literally, this thing doesn’t even have 31,000 Km. Hands-free Bluetooth, Full leather seats. You’ve got some wood grain accents there on the side. I’m going to crawl around to the other side. You’re going to stand here. We’re going to talk. It’s going to be great.

For 2014, this has to have the lowest available, or it has to have the lowest miles on the market. It doesn’t even make any sense to me. I’m just… I’m totally blown away by Merderrrr.

8.4-inch touchscreen. The seats are heated. The seats are cooled. You’ve got boom! 5 auxiliary switches there for people who feel like doing mad work stuff. You could put some cab lights on top, and you could do whatever you wanted.

Fully equipped with the sunroof, power rear sliding window, Sirius satellite radio capable, nav-ready, integrated trailer brake, full sized crew cab, full sized rubber floor mats in the front and on the rear.

I know I said the driver side is power, but the passenger side is also power. It is a crew cab. So, there’s a ton of room. The rear seats are heated as well seeing as it is a Laramie. As I mentioned, full sized rubber floor mat.

I love this part. Maybe have pets, or you want to take a nap Boom. Folds out creates an entirely flat surface. This is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. Packing and hauling gifts away, things along that line. We’re going to flip those down. These have got the nice, little lights under the seats too. Obviously the back cab light there.

Coming around to the back. We’ve got the backup camera here. As I mentioned painted to match front and rear bumpers. Sensors in the rear. Class 5 hitch, 7 and 4 pin wiring Backup camera, I think I literally said all those things twice, but sheer excitement. Spray in bed liner. But, we’ve got the fifth wheel prep group. So, that’s got your wiring built right into the box. We’ve obviously got the holes already pre-drilled, ready for you and your fifth wheel.

You’re probably looking at one of the rarest used Rig Ready Rams on the market. Also, one of the most capable. We’ve got the top of the line equipment in this truck. It just finished getting out of the shop.

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Its AMVIC inspection is completed. We’re going to go over that shortly. We’ve also got the fifth wheel prep pack. We don’t even have 31,000 Km. You’re not going to find a similar truck out there.

Take a look at the Carproof. There’s no damage record. Canadian registration, Berta. Never been stolen, no US history. There was one recall. Obviously, that had to have been fixed to pass the AMVIC. Take a look at the AMVIC inspection. Everything is marked off as compliant, mere kilometres ago. Signed off by one our master techs, Big Scotty B. For your information, Scott is our diesel tech. He’s also our primary Rig Ready Ram technician, which means that he usually installs and works on all the Rig Ready Rams, New and used. We like to keep that continuity going.

Yes. We’re doing $10 oil change for basic oil on any 6.7 litre Cummins vehicle. So, as long as you have a 6.7 Litre Cummins or a 5.9 litre Cummins, whatever the case may be. You can get your oil change, as long as you’re burning basic oil for ten bucks.

For more information on this truck, guys visit Take advantage of the live chat feature. The live chat feature puts you directly in contact with a sales person working at Redwater Dodge. Myself, Brittany, Tyler, whatever the case may be. Email me:

If you don’t like me for some reason, email: Call me down here at the store. 780-942-3629. Be sure to ask for Travis. I’d love to help you out. Ask for anybody else previously listed if, again; you do not like me. Thanks for watching. We’ll be back.

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