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2016 Ram 3500 | Rig Ready Rams | Redwater, AB

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2016 Ram 3500 | Rig Ready Rams | Redwater, AB

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Make a statement in this 2016 Ram 3500 from Redwater Dodge and Rig Ready Rams. Bold styling starts with the new Red Pearl colour, which ensures you stand out from the crowd. Colour-matched bumpers create a clean look while the black grille and blacked-out badging offers a unique contrast.

As a Rig Ready Ram, it has been customized with features such as the Bushwacker flares, 37-inch Toyo Open Country tires on 20-inch Hostile rims, and kickback mud flaps. This truck is lifted with a six-inch BDS lift kit, and it comes with Fox shocks and a Fox front stabilizer.

Trailer tow mirrors feature automatic defrost to ensure you’re ready to go even in those Alberta winters. Proximity entry makes it easy to get inside without fumbling for your keys. A spray-in bed liner protects your box while the rearview camera and front and rear sensors provide extra safety when you’re backing up or parking.

A Crew Cab on the 2016 Ram 3500 ensures you have ample space inside for passengers. The leather interior provides a refined touch to this tough work truck while heated and ventilated seats ensure year-round comfort. Power seats allow you to get comfortable at just the right angle. Easily read your settings on the 8.4-inch touchscreen display with navigation. This model also comes with an integrated trailer brake, power windows and locks, and a sunroof. Seating for six allows you to take your family or your crew along with you. In-floor storage and other convenient compartments help you stay organized.

Stop in to Redwater Dodge today to check out this Red Pearl 2016 Ram 3500 or find out how you can customize your truck. With a large selection of models, the perfect truck for you is waiting right here. Now is the right time to buy your next truck and Redwater Dodge is the place to go.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Matt here from Redwater Dodge, coming to you from some nook and cranny from our shop. I’m going to talk to you about a Rig Ready Ram we have ready to go here. This is a 2016 Ram 3500. It’s in the new Red Pearl colour, similar to the Cherry Red of last year, deep Cherry Red, but it is a little bit darker, a little more of a maroon. As you can tell, it is wet, most likely from recently being cleaned or from the ridiculous amount of snow we got today on February 11. 2016. Look it up; I’m not lying.

So, what you got on the front of the vehicle here is a colour-matched bumper. Not a Limited. This is actually the new Sport Package for the Ram 3500 in the 2016 model year. You’ve got tow hooks up front and you obviously have sensors. Blacked-out Ram badge, black grille. I like the way it looks up front. We’ll leave it at that. It’s up to you whether you like it or not.

Bushwacker flares, colour match. Camera goes down just a little and you can actually see the six-inch lift kit we’ve put in this. You’re looking at a BDS lift kit, Fox dual stabilizer bar in there. This is Fox shocks. We only use the top of the line business. You’re looking at 37-inch Toyo Open Country tires, 20-inch Hostile rims and kickback mud flaps, front and rear. We’ll get to the rear eventually. I don’t know if you can tell it from there.

All right, what else have we got here? You’ve got your trailer tow mirrors. These do defrost when you push the little defrost button on the inside of your vehicle. I don’t have to tell you how that works, but I probably will later. Key fob, locked, unlocked, locked again just for kicks. This is the remote proximity keyless, unlocked, didn’t actually push the button on the key fob. Locked it again. I just like the sound of the horn, let’s be honest.

Crew Cab, lot’s of room in the back. Now, all of our lifted trucks do come with the Speedo calibrator. Basically, if you want to switch the tire size on there, if you still don’t want to be getting traffic tickets when you’re driving around, you will find that very handy. Before we get all the way inside the truck, I’ll take you around back.

Now, this is a diesel. I mean, if you’re going to buy a 3500 lifted, why would you get anything other than diesel? Now, let’s move all the way around to the back. You do have a spray-in bedliner. You’re certainly going to have to stretch a bit to get in there, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. You don’t get a lifted truck for nothing.

Swinging all the way around to the back, you do get rear sensors. Tow package, fully wired, ready to go. This spot here is waiting for your license plate. Backup camera, black badging. Tailgate opens, it was snow. Told you I wasn’t lying. 4×4 badging is also blacked out. And as you can see, we didn’t just put Bushwackers on half the truck. We have matching colour Bushwackers on both sides.

So, we’ll start with the inside here. You can see you do have the full leather interior package in the passenger seat as well as the driver seat. Both have the power seats. Heavy-duty rubber floor mats, power windows, power locks, 8.4-inch touchscreen display that’s going to have nav built into that as well. There’s your satellite radio, trailer brake control, heated seats, ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, exhaust brake, parking sensors – front and rear. You can turn them off if you hate the way they beep. 115-volt outlet, handy. All of the other dash controls that you’re going to be familiar with. Interestingly enough, this one does come with a bench seat. So if you want to have six people pile in the truck, seven, eight, if you really want to cram in the back, it is what it is. You still do have a bit of a console going on in there.

Now, if you take a look in the far back and we already sort of got a sneak peek in here, you do have your storage containers in the floor, some call them beer coolers. Whatever you do with them is your business, not mine.

If you want to hop in the passenger seat, it is a bit of a step to get in. But again, it’s lifted. So, sunroof. I don’t think I touched on that. Power sliding rear mirror, garage door openers, auto dimming mirror. See the camera guy maybe. I’m not sure how that works out for you. Alpine stereo system, also worth noting.

So, one thing we do like to cover on here is all the work that has been done to the truck. Rig Ready purchase disclosure, oops, grabbed too many pages. It does come with all the BDS information that came with it. Now, these are going to be fully warranted. This is our lifted truck checklist, as you can see, there are three signatures on here – service manager, sales manager, and the parts manager. You can see total cost – parts, $13,460.11; $2920 worth of labour.

The vehicle invoice is here as well. You’ll be able to get a good look at that. And this is the actual service order, so you can see – install rear flaps, mount and balance four new tires, install the tire calibration module, front and rear lift kit, four-wheel alignment, install Bushwacker flares. All that good stuff we already talked about. This is proof it went in. I’m throwing paper all over the front of the cab, which somebody else is going to have to pick up.

But all in all, as you can see, we do go meticulously through all of the paperwork here to make sure this truck is lifted to our specifications, making it a Rig Ready Ram. Also making it 100 percent safe and fun to drive for you, the buyer. So, come on down to Redwater Dodge and get yourself into your -new Red Pearl 2016 Ram 3500. Not just any Ram, Rig Ready. We lifted it. Come on down. Give us a call 780-942-3629. My name is Matt, I’m one of several very qualified people who can help you with your truck. Thanks, guys.

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