2016 Ram 3500 – Silver | Rig Ready Rams | Edmonton, AB

2016 Ram 3500 – Silver | Rig Ready Rams | Edmonton, AB

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Get behind the wheel of a 2016 Ram 3500 in Billet Silver. This truck is built for work and for fun with a Sport trim and special features, making it a Rig Ready Ram.

Projector-style lenses and blacked-out inserts on the grille create a strong contrast to the bright silver paint. Blacked-out emblems are also noticeable on this model. Fog lamps brighten your way while the LED box lights make loading and unloading cargo after dark a breeze. Colour-matched front and rear bumpers enhance the sophisticated image of this 2016 Ram 3500.

Heavy-duty tow hooks add functionality to the design while the 37-inch Toyo Open Country tires are set on 20-inch rims to get you rolling along. Sit high with the six-inch BDS lift kit and the Fox 2.0 shocks with dual steering stabilizers. Pocket-style colour-matched Bushwacker fender flares and heavy-duty kickback mud flaps were added to customize the 2016 Ram 3500.

Inside this model, you have the bench seat, which is a rarity for most fully-loaded trucks. Heated and cooled seats provide year-round comfort while the sunroof allows in more natural light. With the Mega Cab, you have room for six. Features on this model include hands-free Bluetooth, satellite radio, dual climate control, integrated trailer brake and an 8.4-inch touchscreen. The rear seats fold flat to give you more storage space, and you also have in-floor compartments as well.

BDS provides warranties for all add-on products with trucks like this 2016 Ram 3500. What’s even better is you still enjoy a full Ram warranty. Stop in to Redwater Dodge and see a truck like this or find out how you can customize your own for a Rig Ready Ram.

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Video Transcript

What’s up, Internetland. Travis here, at Redwater Dodge, coming to you live from our Express Lane. We’re going to go over one of the latest and greatest in Rig Ready Rams. Parked behind me, you’re looking at a 2016 Ram 3500 Cummins HD. Billet Silver in colour with a Sport trim, new for this year. This is literally my truck. If there was a truck especially made for me by the Rig Ready Rams Dodge, this would be it. This is my colour, the package, everything. Projector-style lenses, big chrome whatever, accents there. One thing I’m noticing more and more of now is the details. There’s the round heads that have been carved down the sides that says Ram, awesome. Lexan-coated headlights. Fog lamps. Colour-matched front and rear bumpers, seeing as this is a Sport with a Sport package, you get the nice blacked-out emblem. You’ve got the blacked-out inserts as well. Heavy-duty tow hooks on the front with the parking sensors. 37-inch Toyo MTs. You’ve got your BMF rims there. This is a six-inch BDS lift with the upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks with the dual steering stabilizers. No speed wobble on the highway. Heavy-duty kickback mud flaps. You’ve got your pocket-style moulded fender flares, Bushwacker. I love this Billet Silver.

It’s got the proximity entry, as long as you’ve got the fob, you can lock and unlock with just the touch of your hand. Bench seat, I love the bench seat. You rarely ever see them, especially on a fully-loaded truck like this. Sunroof. Seats are heated and cooled. It’s got the trailer brake, 8.4-inch touchscreen, hands-free Bluetooth, power pedals, satellite radio, dual climate control. Girls are always warm when you’re cold and cold when you’re warm, it’s ridiculous. Mega Cab, all the room in the world. You could fit a double bed back here actually, which is great. Folds completely flat. In-floor storage as well. Since you did buy a truck with huge rims and tires, we obviously went ahead and re-torqued and recalibrated everything for you, but if you ever decide to go back to stock or you change the tires or rims or the size of the lift, we included the calibrator for you to make sure everything stays in line.

Everything is coloured to match. You also do have the parking sensors here on the back. Like I mentioned previously, the blacked-out emblems, 4×4 as well as the Ram’s head. All of our Rig Ready Rams come with a full-size spare tire; you obviously can’t be limping around on a donut. This one’s got a beautiful spray-in bed liner. Feature they recently added that I do like is the LED lights there, so if you’re ever loading anything up and you’re running out of daylight, you’re not going to have to worry about not finding your tie straps there.

We’ll go over just a quick bit of paperwork here and show you exactly what went into the truck. The front and rear BDS lift kit, torque everything to spec, wheel alignment, flares, flaps, front and rear, mount and balance five new rims and tires, including the spare obviously. Installed a tire calibration module, adjust the tires, headlamps after the lift kit. Quick breakdown, six-inch BDS lift, Fox shocks, dual stabilizers, 20-inch BMF rims, 37-inch Toyo Open Country mud terrains, kick back mud flaps, colour-matched Bushwacker flares. Signed off by our master techs, our service manager, our sales manager, our parts manager.

BDS warranties all of their products, nothing they’ve come out with yet that we put on our trucks voids any of Chrysler’s warranties. So not only are your accessories warrantied, your truck’s still warrantied. Five-year, 100,000 km powertrain. You have a 160,000 km just for the motor, and you’ve got the three-year, 60,000 km bumper-to-bumper or comprehensive warranty. For more information on our Rig Ready Rams, guys, you obviously can visit our webpage, www.rigreadyrams.com. For a list of stock trucks you can build just for yourself, visit redwaterdodge.com. For some of our pre-owned Rig Ready Rams, that’s going to be on redwaterdodge.com as well, guys. We also have a special financing tab for Rig Ready Rams. Give me a shout down here at the store, 780-942-3629. Email us sales@redwaterdodge.com. We all know the economy’s down, we know the Canadian dollar has dropped to historical lows. The trucks are still moving. We honestly can’t make them fast enough. There’s never been a better time to buy. Take advantage of the incentives that are out there now, guys. Give us a shout. Get yourself in a Rig Ready Ram. See you next time.

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