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What’s up Internet? Travis here coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge, Home of THE $10 Oil Change and Rig Ready Rams. We are North America’s home of premium branded lifted trucks. As of right now, it’s December 28 approximately three old 5 pm, and if the numbers are right, I’m still Facebook Favourite Salesperson.

Today we’re going to be going over one of the latest and greatest in Rig Ready Rams. It’s a 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie fully-equipped with the sport appearance package. So you will notice it as colour match front as well as rear bumpers. This one is a beautiful billet silver in colour my favourite only because you have the black grille insert as well as around logos and with the tow hooks and everything like that it just works so nicely. Fully-equipped with the parking centers in the front you’ve got your lexan coated projector style headlights as well. We’ve also got your fog lamps, a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson solid bumper… I’m sorry I’m hitting things so much.

Come around to the side now I said we were the premium brand for lifted trucks in North America here’s why. We use all BDS equipment; this is a six-inch BDS lift, we’ve got the upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks on all four corners, we’ve also got dual steering stabilizers powered by Fox shocks as well. What you’re looking at right now is a 37″ needle trail grappler mud terrain tire top-of-the-line rubber, in my opinion, you’re looking at a 20″ fuel off-road rim. This is probably my favourite rim only due to the fact that it looks like a throwing star which is equally gangster.  We’ve got your painted to match pocket style Bushwacker fender flares.

Heavy-duty kickback mudflaps we got your Ram 3500 Heavy Duty logo there. Fully-equipped with your trailer tow mirrors that are heated, proximity entry. I’ve gone over this multiple times but what proximity entry means that as long as I have the key fob on me, it can be in my pocket, my hat, my hook whatever I can lock and unlock the vehicle by using the sensor.  Now I push the button I’ve locked and I can use my keyless entry to get in, or I could look at your boss and use the sensor. Take a peek on the inside there I’m gonna run around the other side, so I’m not trying to scream from behind the camera. Seeing that this is a full jam Laramie we’ve got all the options in the world; including a full leather seat that is both heated as well as cooled. We’ve got a heated steering wheel fully-equipped with an 8.4″ touchscreen, Sirius Satellite Radio capable; we’ve for your integrated trailer brake there, two-wheel drive, four-wheel low and four wheel lock. We’ve also gone ahead and include the decals that we removed in case you decide to put them on after. We’ve got a couple of nice little BDS stickers in there as well for you. You will notice you include the speedometer calibrator if for some reason you decide to change rims and tires or anything along those lines that would potentially throw out your speedometer; you’re gonna be able to re-calibrate it after-the-fact. Take a look up we’ve got the sunroof there, power sliding rear window; we’re gonna hop in the backseat here quick. One of those forgot to mentions, both seats in the front also powered, both seats in the rear are also heated. We’ve got the full rubber floor mats throughout the vehicle. If you want to lift up your floor mat on that side, you’re going to notice you got in for storage compartment there. Now if anything were to spill or crack or break open, I’m not saying got beers in there but maybe you got beers in there, and one of them opens up. Whip them out, spray them with a garden hose and put them back, good as new.

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Let’s flip these seats up here quickly; you can create a completely level surface now whether or not you’re carrying dogs with you or you’re transporting groceries whatever the case may be. Folds out no problem little bit of storage space. Under mine, we’ve got the woofer on your end you’ve actually got the winter front for the truck. You’ve also got up the little um support beam for your hitch there. Coming around to the back you’re going to notice you have the parking sensors in the rear; we’ve also got a class five receiver, 7 and 4 pin wiring I mentioned the backup camera. Once again blacked out Ram logo. All of our Rig Ready Rams come fully-equipped with a full-sized spare tire. Obviously, you can’t be throwing a donut on if you pop a tire anything like that. We are the premium brand for lifted trucks for North America…so we’re not going to skimp you out on a tire.Fully-equipped with a spray-in bed liner, we’ve got the LED lights on either side.  If you’re loading or unloading things dirtbikes, quads, sleds whatever the case maybe you’re gonna want to be able to see what you’re doing.

For more information guys please visit our website Redwaterram.com take advantage of the live chat feature which puts you directly in contact with myself o another Sales Associate here. If you want to deal with me personally I would love that; email me travis@redwaterdodge.com. Give me a call down here at the store 780-942-3629, comment on the video below. If this is Facebook or YouTube or anything along those lines I love interacting with you guys in all social media.  If you don’t want to deal with me for whatever reason, don’t have to speak to me on social media or email sales@redwaterdodge.com.

Thank you so much for watching guys. Once again Travis at Redwater Dodge, Home of THE $10 Oil Change, Rig Ready Rams, we are the premium brand in lifted trucks in North America. I’m just going to eat my sucker now…

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