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You should probably turn your volume up. What’s up, everybody? Travis here at Redwater Dodge, Home of THE $10 Oil Change and THE Rig Ready Ram and this is probably the most extra specialist video that I’m going to show you today. Can you see this? Perfect… now this is all in relation to the truck behind me.  So we’re going to go over a couple of things.  

We’re bringing the hammer down on prices today at Redwater Dodge… parked behind me is a 2017 Ram 3500 Special Edition Blacktop Rig Ready Ram. The First thing you are going to notice about the BlackTop appearance package is that it has the blacked out grille inserts, blacked out front as well as the rear bumper. You’re not going to find an ounce of chrome on this thing. Solid front bumper, you got the heavy duty tow hooks in the front. This is a working man’s truck. Lexan coated headlights, fully-equipped with the black inserts as well. We’ve got your black painted-to-match Bushwacker pocket style fender flares. Fully-equipped with a little bit of a lift here 35″ Toyo open countries with 20″ fuel rim. You’ve got your heavy duty kickback mud flaps installed on there for you. Don’t want to get any rocks or anything along those lines at any other vehicles. We’ve got your tow mirrors here; they’re heated, for the Berta Winter. We’ve got your keyless entry, were going to take a look at some of the interior features. I’m going to run around to the other side, going to hammer down on some of the finer details.

You guys are looking at a premium cloth interior, fully-equipped with a power captain’s chair. We’ve got cruise control, we’ve also got hands-free Bluetooth, you’ve got a beautiful 5″ touchscreen display heated seats, heated wheel, air conditioning, we got a few different four by four options there; two-wheel drive, four-wheel lock, four-wheel low. Four-wheel low is for if you’re feeling like you’re going to be really really really stuck, four wheel locks is like well I should probably go a little bit faster. Take a look at our full console here this is what I call the media console or the media hub, so you have space for SD card or auxiliary port USB to hook up to your phone and a USB charging port…just underneath that we’ve got a full console down here.  We’ve got a speedometer calibrator in this console for you if you decide to change out the rims and tires or anything along those lines again going to be able to recalibrate. 7″ vehicles display center, I mean this special edition BlackTop is loaded. We’ve got some rubber floor mats in the front as well as in the rear. As I mentioned guys, you got your rubber floor mats back here as well. More premium cloth, power rear sliding window. We’re going to flip these up, we’re gonna pull this out, we’re going to create a completely flat surface for any and all things. We’ve also got a little bit of storage space underneath the truck table. So you got your heavy duty winter front here cause it’s Berta and it gets Brr cold.

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Coming around to the back here, as I mentioned colour match front as well as rear bumpers. We’ve got your parking sensors in the rear, class 5 receiver, 7-and 4-pin wiring, we’ve got the backup camera, it gets more real LED light on either side for loading and unloading. We can see exactly where we’re going because you know your LEDs are going to come on. They actually just so happened to be placed above the slots for your tie straps in the back. Walk with me people walk with me.

So…original MSRP for the truck is $84,417 for our Boxing Week Special Ready Ram Event which is only going on until December 31st. There will be no deposits to hold the vehicle first one with the money gets it. Price now $69,999. What that means for you is a total savings of $14,418 from $84,417 to $69,999 for and only for the Special Boxing Week Rig Ready Ram Sale on until December 31st. Will not hold with deposits, there will be no rain checks this will not be a sign this paper and come back and finish the deal up next week type thing. First come, first serve, bring your cheque books. Thank you for watching feel free to visit our website Redwaterram.com. Again Travis at Redwater Dodge, Home of THE $10 Oil Change and the Rig Ready Ram. Take advantage of a live chat feature.  If you want to talk to one of us while you’re visiting one of our web properties email me personally travis@redwaterdodge.com. Give me a call at the store 780-942-3629. If you for some reason would like to deal with anybody else, email sales@redwaterdodge.com or don’t ask for me. Redwater Dodge, Rig Ready Rams putting the hammer down.

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  1. Tab biden Avatar
    Tab biden

    Would you consider a 2016 3/4 crew cab 4×4 for trade in

    1. Travis Christensen Avatar
      Travis Christensen


      I’d love to look at that truck.

      When can you come down?

      Shoot me an email.


      Or Shoot me a call/txt at 780-942-3629


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