2017 Ram 3500 Laramie | Rig Ready Rams | Redwater, AB

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What’s up, internet? It’s Facebook’s favorite sales person Travis at Redwater Dodge, Home of the $10 oil change and Rig Ready Ram.

This is the latest and greatest in Rig Ready Rams. Even though we had one of those yesterday, but this is the newest one. It’s a 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie fully equipped with a Sport package, it’s red crystal pearl, beautiful color.

We got your black grille inserts, Black Ram’s head logo, painted to match front and rear bumpers. Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson solid bumper. Parking sense in the front, heavy duty tow hooks. We’ve also got your fog lens down there projector style lenses projected with a Lexan coated headlight cover. Tyrese couldn’t even break that headlight, bro.

Coming around to the side here. You’re going to notice a 37 inch Toyo mud-terrain open country tire, wrapped around a beautiful 20 inch Hostile Knuckle’s rim.

Fun fact: Knuckles from Sonic was red. Truck is red. The rims are called knuckles. There is a thread there. Everything is connected.

Getting into the lifted components, you’ve got a 6 inch BDS lift with upgraded Fox 2.0 shocks. That’s just not on the front. That’s on all four corners. We’ve also got dual steering stabilizer by BDS in the front. Also with the upgraded Fox shocks. Painted to match body moulded pocket style bushwacker fender flares. Fully equipped with the heavy duty kickback mud flaps as well. We’ve kept your Ram logo black, we left them on this one, very sleek with the crystal pearl color. Fresh. That’s how fresh this lift is, there’s water on it, it was just born. We got your tow mirrors here, which are also heated.

So, proximity entry. With proximity entry, as long as I have the key fob on me in my pocket, my sweater, wherever. You can typically lock and unlock the vehicle. Now, if I choose to lock it with the proximity entry I don’t necessarily have to use a sensor to open it. I could take advantage of the keyless entry on the fob. But, for all intents and purposes, we’ll show you how the sensor works. So, you’ll notice it’s locked. I did lock it. Put your hand in and it automatically unlocks. We do have the remote starter as well.

Taking a look on the driver side, we’ve got a power driver seat fully equipped with 2 memory settings. That’s for you and the wife, you and the dog, you and your grandma, you and your sister, you and your nephew, you and whoever you decide to let drive your beautiful Rig Ready Ram.

The seats are perforated only because they are heated as well as cooled. You’ve got a leather wrapped steering wheel. Leather wrapped, which means heated also. Power pedals, 7-inch vehicle display center, and auto headlights. We’ve also got beautiful LEDs in the doors here for when you are putting your drinks or anything along those lines away. We’ve got some wood grain accenting in there as well because it’s a Laramie, fully equipped with a sun roof.

I’m going to walk around to the other side, you guys take a better look.

So, we’ve got the 8.4 inch touch screen that obviously works directly with your backup camera. So, when you’re backing up, the whole screen will actually be filled up with that image of you backing up and the things behind you so you don’t hit them. Fully equipped with Sirius satellite radio, nav-capable.

Few different 4×4 options you’ve got, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel lock and 4 wheel low. 4 wheel lock is your 4 wheel high.

Dual consoles. You’ve got your shallow console here. Things that you’re going to find in the shallow console are:

  • Super cool removable change holder
  • USB for playing your music
  • USB for charging your phone
  • Auxiliary port, also for beats.

Deep console – what you’re going to find in here is a CD player and space.

My seat is.. or the passenger seats is also power. We’ve also got full rubber floor mats in the front and the back. Integrated trailer brake, you’ve pretty well got everything.

Now, this one is a mega, so it’s a big boy. It has all the room in the world. I’m going to give you guys a quick demonstration. As I mentioned, we do have the full floor mats in the front and the rear. Rear seats are also heated. These mats are easily removable. So, a little clip on the back of the seat here. If I could reach it.

Here, first things first. Little latch on my side, now, I can reach that. It is going to fold down pretty well completely flat. You can actually fit a double bed back here. I forgot that there is a first latch down here. Don’t Judge me. I forget everything. You’ve got a couple of things back here. You’ve got the hooks for your safety seats for the kids, the carseats and the things along those lines. We’ve got a couple of nice little hooks back here for hanging up work stuff and things of that nature. We’ve also got extra space behind the seat. So, even if the seat is fully up, there is about 6 to 7 inches behind the seat for storage space!

All the way around to the back. Back up camera like I previously mentioned. There is that bumper again. Colored match. We’ve got the parking sensors in the rear, 7 and 4 pin wiring, Class 5 receiver hitch. If you have the proper equipment, you can pretty well pull any bumper pull trailer champ. Let’s go, champ.

We’ve got the spray in bedliner champ, we’ve got the wiring built right into the side of the box, fifth wheel prep group, fully equipped with the LEDs on the side as well. If you are loading anything up at night time, it’s Christmas. I’m going to use Christmas shopping as an example. Whatever you may be loading or unloading from there, you’re going to be able to see at all times with those LEDs. They are positioned perfectly above the tie down areas right here. So, if you’re locking up any dirt bikes or quads or anything along those lines you’re going to be able to see them.

Also, all Rig Ready Rams do come with a full sized spare tire. Obviously if you blow a tire, you’re not going to be able to limp around on a doughnut. It just wouldn’t work.

At Redwater Dodge, we also are the home of the $10 oil change and yes, that means Cummins diesels as well. As long as you have a Cummins diesel and you’re burning basic oil you’re going to pay $10 for your oil change. For more information on that is 10dollaroilchange.com

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So, for more information and you like Facebook’s favorite salesperson, feel free to email me personally – travis@redwaterdodge.com, comment on the video section below. Make sure to address me because if you don’t address me you won’t end up dealing with me. Send us a PM on Facebook if that’s where you are watching it. Anything along those lines.

Call us at the store. 780-942-3629.

Now, if you don’t like Facebook’s favorite sales person and if something about me you don’t enjoy or you don’t want to deal with me. Email: sales@redwaterdodge.com or just ask for anybody else. Thanks for watching, guys. We’ll keep you in the loop for the next Rig Ready Ram.

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